100 Square sum activity

I like finding fun learning activities for my youngest to do while his older sister is busy with her learning activities. (Lately she has been asking for more and more activities so I am having to come up with extra activities for my youngest as he hates the thought of not doing something while big sister works.)  My youngest especially likes puzzle activities, finding patterns and number based ideas.  So I slightly adapted a number place value activity I did with my daughter a few years ago.  I am sure you have seen this 100 square number flap idea on Pinterest.  I have racked my brain trying to think of where I first saw it (probably 3 years ago) but I honestly can not think of who published this idea first.

100 square activity where children learn what one more, one less, ten more and ten less will be

My starting point was using the Free to download 100 square from Twinkl.(They have the squares in a bunch of different colours on the website).

Free to download 100 square from Twinkl. A must have resource for Maths activities

I wanted to make sure that the flaps all lined up correctly on the 100 square so I placed my page on top of the square and traced over to the get the exact sizes of the squares. Very quick and easy to do but in case anyone wants it here is my template.

100 square frame +1 -1 +10 -10

I created two basic sheets for him, one with +1, -1, +10 and -10 on it and one with +2, -2, +20 and -20 on it.  And just for fun I printed the templates onto some colour paper and then cut out the main square and cut along the dotted lines to create the flaps.

Then I left then on his desk and next time his sister was sitting down working he started playing around with the flaps and the number square pages.  He naturally started creating his own sums and with a little bit of encouragement actually wrote a bunch out.

Working out his own sums using a 100 square and a home-made number flap

It really is so quick to cut out and it ended up being a fun way of practicing some sums while his sister worked in one of her books.

Working out sums with -2,+2,-20,+20 using a 100 square

100 square and home-made flap to work out basic sums


Creating sums using a 100 square and a home-made flap









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