Butterfly and flower maths activity from Twinkl

I have been attempting to sort through our home-ed goodies, trying to figure out what the kids have outgrown and also attempt to get a better idea of what we might need for our “new school year” (I say that when really we do not strictly keep to term times but over the summer we do slow down a bit as the kids naturally spend longer playing out in the garden).  To be honest my attempts at going through everything is very unorganised and I start and then get distracted by something the kids are doing or by a request to go somewhere and the “organisation” gets left lying in a big mess.  The result is it takes me a lot longer but my attitude is we need to enjoy the good weather while we can.

One of the Home-ed goodies that I came across while I was sorting was this lovely butterfly and flower maths matching activity.  I love maths activities where the kids are not just sitting doing worksheet after worksheet.  With this activity she had to match the correct butterfly (the butterflies all have sums on them) to the correct flower (the flowers have numbers on).  And as luck would have it a day after I found the activity I was searching for some old photos and I came across the photos of my daughter doing the activity so this is what it looks like.

Flower and butterfly maths matching activity

It really is so simple.  Just set the flowers out and then the kids match the correct butterfly to the correct flower.  Nothing fancy but I remember my daughter loving this.

Flower and Butterfly maths matching activity - you match the correct sum to the correct number

And I remember she did it over and over again.

Butterfly and Flower addition activity from Twinkl

And they have an editable version so when my daughter was first learning her times table I used the editable version and made her a times table version.

Editable butterfly and flower 2x table

Sorry the photos are old photos before I learnt a trick or two about taking better photos of our activities but I really just wanted to share the idea as I think it is a lovely idea for Maths.  It got me thinking that I need to find something similar for my son maybe a version of this but using animals (he is not into butterflies like his big sister so do not think this would be such a hit with him).

The download that we used for this activity is a Twinkl download and it is part of their paid for goodies (gold package) – Butterfly and Flower Addition Activity

Back to more sorting I go until I get distracted by something else that I find………………………..



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