Number Bonds to 10 – using Free pages and snap cubes

Number bond to 10 trains with snap cubesMy youngest always sits opposite his big sister while she does her Maths and demands that he gets given his own maths to do.  He keeps asking for more addition and subtraction sums.  So I thought it was time to introduce him to some number bond activities but I wanted them to be activities where he has to figure out the sums.

His big sister used the Butterfly number bond matching activity and loved it.


But he is more a train/ car / creepy crawly minibeast type of kid so I thought I would download some new cards especially for him (sometimes it is nice for the youngest to get their own new activity – I tend to re-use a lot of his big sisters activities with him).  I found some new Free number bond cards again from Twinkl but this time Trains.

To start off with I got my son to sort out his Learning Resources Snap Cubes (Set of 100)
(in case you have never used snap cubes, there  has 10 different colours and for each colour there are 10 cubes).  He had to combine all 10 of each colour in a row – and I made a point of asking him to check and count how many cubes were in each colour.

Then we split the train cards into two groups – the cards with the engines in one group and the cards with the carriages in another group.

He had to select a train engine card to start with and then choose a snap cube colour.

FREE to download Train Number Bonds with snap cubes. Great for figuring out which numbers added together get to 10

He would place the same number of cubes above the train engine and then have to figure out how many cubes would be need to make up 10 (the number of cubes left over).  And that would be the number carriage he would need to find.

Using his snap cubes to check that his number bond sums equal 10

And he would have buit his sum eg 2+8 or 3+7

Using the snap cubes tto check that the train number bonds equal 10

Above each engine and each carriage he would have the correct number of cubes and because there are only 10 cubes for each colour he would naturally be self checking himself.

Very easy to set up and it ended up being a very effective.

Figuring out number bonds to 10 using train cards from Twinkl and snap cubes on ofamilyblog







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