Times table and division booklet

No big surprise that after I made my youngest some basic number bond booklets my daughter “enquired” about hers.  I should have known it was coming but I honestly had not planned anything for her.  She suggested an 8 times table version of her brothers booklet and she even suggested that I could use some of her times table folding cards.

I printed out another set of the cards for her – 8 times table folding cards from Twinkl (part of their paid for platinum package) but this time we did not fold them over. And on the reverse side of each card I wrote out the division sum. (so on the – 1 times 8 equals 8 card on the back of that I wrote out 8 divided by 8 equals 1).


Then I used our hole punch to punch a hole on the top of each card and we attached them with a  split ring.  Very quick and just like my son’s number bond version but this time with times table and division (this also made me wonder if I should add the corresponding subtraction sums to the back of each of the addition sums in my son’s booklets – not sure if I should or shouldn’t ?)

Times table and division booklet

And my daughter she loved it.  She sat at my desk and paged through reading both the multiplication and the division sides.

Times table booklet made using the folding cards from Twinkl

After going through the booklet she called her little brother over and proudly showed him that she now had her own booklet.

A simple times table booklet for home learning

And then she asked if I could make more booklets for each times table.  I suggested that I could print out the folding cards for her and that she could cut each card out and write the division sums on the back of each card.  She happily agreed (I am so glad she is getting over her fear of division sums).

Writing out the division sums on the reverse side of her multiplication cards


And yes I agree it is a very similar activity to what we have done previously.  But with my daughter the repetition is key.

Later note – I have been asked a lot about the card we use – we like the White Copier card – it is not as thick as normal card (so it is a bit cheaper to buy) but it is a lot sturdier than using normal paper – we buy this – Lightweight White Card for Children to Use in All Types of Crafts 160 gsm (Pack of 100).  It is perfect for printing out pages that you want to turn into booklets / cards / and also great for crafting activities




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