My favourite Usborne Flap books

I recently received an email asking which book is our (my kids and mine) favourite Usborne flap book (they were referring to the Look Inside / See Inside Range of books by Usborne).  Wow what a question.  I thought about it a lot and my answer is – it really depends on the kids current interests.  We seem to obsess over one of them while we are learning/ talking/ exploring a certain topic and then as the interest in that topic wanes so does the kids interest that book.  And I know that is not the answer this person wanted, they wanted a name of one book so they could add it to their Christmas shopping so here is my top few favourites instead.

The Usborne See Inside the Your Body book.  My kids love this book, they have found it fascinating and have spent hours reading through the book with their dad and also by themselves.  (I wrote a detailed post about this book here – Learning about the Human Body).  Probably my current no 1 Usborne book in terms of Home-education Science.

Young kids fascinated by the Usborne See Inside your body book

The Usborne See Inside Trains.  My little man loves anything to do with engines / moving parts / vehicles and this book has been a huge hit with him.

Usborne See Inside Trains - trains throught history with diagrams and explanations of how they worked

The book starts with the Golden Age of Steam and shows how the trains evolved up until modern high-speed trains.  There are lots of little flaps for the kids to lift and see details about the engines and other bits including train stations , the carriages and junctions.  It is a great book for train-mad kids to page through and is also very informative.

See Inside Trains how a diesel engine works

See Inside the History of Britain.  I love this book and it is great for helping little people re-enforce what order everything happened.  It starts off with Early Britain, then The Middle Ages, Tudor Times, Georgian Times, Britain beyond Britain, Victorian Power, Britain at war and ends with Famous People.  It is NOT detailed, so do not expected that but it is a brilliant summary of British History. I love paging through this book with the kids and find the illustrations such a good way for visual learners to understand the difference in the time periods.

Usborne See Inside the History of Britain Tudor Times page

I recently bought a new Usborne book as a Christmas Present for my son, and although he has not looked at it yet so I can not comment on his reaction I must admit that I love it and think it is going to be big hit.  It is the See Inside How Things Work book.  Topics covered are – Simple Machines, Movers and Shakers, Getting going, Making Music, Waterworks, Floating and flying, Everyday inventions, Up down and around and lastly Bits and Pieces.  I really do my little man is going to love seeing what makes all these things work.

See Inside How things work the getting going page

Here are links for the books that I mentioned above

See Inside Your Body

See Inside Trains (Usborne See Inside)

See Inside History of Britain (Usborne See Inside)

How Things Work (See Inside) (Usborne See Inside)

All of the Usborne books I have mentioned in the post are books that I have bought for my kids.  This post has nothing to do with Usborne publishing it is just me trying to answer a question I received.

I have included Affiliate links. If you follow an affiliate link and go on to purchase that product, I will be paid a very small commission, however your cost will remain the same. 

Favourite three Usborne Flap Books

Favourite Usborne Flap Books







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