Craft Stick Home-Made Base 10

We love our Learning Resources Grooved Plastic Base Ten Starter Set (I bought ours a few years ago and it has so far been that most used Maths resources that we own).  In fact I will probably be buying some extra items to add to our set very soon (I want to expand it so both kids can use it together – so need some more hundreds and thousands) but before I invested in our set we had a very simple home-made version of Base 10 using craft sticks.

Place value ice-cream cones from Twinkl with our craft sticks

My daughter first started learning about tens and ones using our craft stick set and we still have it.  It is very simple and easy to set up. My daughter and I actually created our set together.  All you need are craft sticks and elastic bands (if you are in the UK we bought our crafts sticks at Baker Ross – 250 craft sticks from Baker Ross for £2.50).

Group some of the craft sticks into groups of 10 and then wrap your elastic band around.  Also leave some craft sticks loose (they will be your ones).

Craft sticks to help the kids learn about tens and ones. found on ofamilyblog

Simple and easy enough so that the kids can help you set it up.

They are great to use with magnetic numbers.  We bought these ELC Magnetic Numbers over 4 years ago and we have used them soooooooooo many times.

Magnetic numbers and craft sticks to work out tens and ones on ofamilyblog

They are also great as a way of encouraging the kids to write out their own numbers.

Using crafts sticks for maths at home learningWe have used ours to practice addition, subtraction, multiplication and of course with our place value activities.

And when the kids start working with hundreds – it is a great way of reenforcing that fact that 10 groups of 10 = 100

place value ice cream activity from Twinkl working with ones, tens and hundredsThe Ice-cream cone place value cards in the photos above are from Twinkl (platinum).  It is one of those Twinkl resources that we have used over and over so although it did involve some time-consuming cutting, for me it has been well worth it – and I have laminated ours so they will be fine to use with my youngest aswell.

We store our craft stick set in some plastic containers on one of our bookshelves within easy reach of both kiddies.

Home ed bookcase - crafts sticks and base 10 set for the kids to use

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