Christmas 3D decorations

I will be the first to admit that Christmas time in our house tends to be filled with lots of crafting.  I have never been one to care about a posh looking Christmas tree, with colour coordinated decorations, I want a Christmas tree filled with decorations made by the kids.  And luckily for me my two enjoy making and hanging the decorations (although I think next year I may need to get a bigger tree with all the goodies we make each year).

The kids and a few of their friends recently made some of the Block Baubles (platinum from Twinkl).  To help get the kids started I printed out one of the coloured Box baubles and made it up beforehand  – I have found with my youngest this really helps to get him started if he can see what it is he is trying to make.

Simple 3D Block Baubles from Twinkl resources

I then printed out the same box templates in black and white on some thin card for the kids and they got busy colouring in the patterns however they wanted.

Christmas 3D box bauble template in black and white and the kids colour them in

There were four kids doing this craft and all four box baubles ended up being totally unique.  I really do love these bright boxes hanging on the tree.

Christmas Box Decoration from Twinkl coloured in, made up and hanging on the tree

I also printed out the Cone Christmas Tree (also platinum from Twinkl). I printed ours out in black and white and also on some thin card (you can print these on paper but I have found that it does work better on the thin card).  My two coloured the trees in, stuck some craft jewels on as decorations, cut them out and glued them together all while I was making some dinner.  Both my kids have become mini-pros at the cone people / cone animals that we download from the Twinkl website so they don’t need any help from me with any of the Twinkl cone activities these days. (I am really enjoying the extra confidence and independence which is starting to come through with the kids and their crafting activities.)

Twinkl Cone Christmas tree with some crafty jewels added as decorations

My daughter is still trying to decide where she thinks these Christmas Cone Trees should go, I opted for a shelf in the lounge but she seems to like them under the actual Christmas Tree, I am not really not fussed I have the attitude that the kids can move and redecorate the tree and surrounding area as much as they like over December.

Christmas Tree cones from Twinkl resources

I just 3 different people ask about the pens being used in the box bauble picture above – we love them.  We got them over the summer time and have used them a lot they are the STABILO Cappi Felt-Tip Pen – Assorted Colours, Wallet of 12

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  1. Camie says:

    These are neat!


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