Punctuation Workbook for Key Stage 2

One of the workbooks that I am currently using with my son is the Understanding English: Punctuation: KS2 English Study Book, Ages 7-11. It is part of their Understanding English series which consists of 8 different workbooks and so far we have been using the Punctuation, Grammar, Spelling and Vocabulary ones. We don’t use every workbook every week, we tend to dip in and out of different ones and find the pages that cover the areas that he is learning about.

Understanding English range by Schofield & Sims

So I thought it would be helpful to give readers a breakdown of what is included in the different Understanding English workbooks so here is the Punctuation one. To start with it sticks to the tried and tested Schofield & Sims format – so just black and white with some red for headings and highlighting purposes. Each page has a quick explanation at the top – these are always well worded and explain the concepts very concisely. Then there are normally two activities for the kids to try and sometimes at the end of the page they include a little extra in a Did you Know section. Also these workbooks contain all the answers for the exercises at the back.

This workbook also has proofreading pages scattered throughout, which is basically an extra practice page of the different concepts covered in the preceding activities.

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This workbook covers

  • Full Stops and Capital Letters
  • Questions
  • Exclamations
  • Commas in Lists
  • 3 different pages on Apostrophes (for omission, possession and confusion)
  • Inverted commas
  • setting out direct speech
  • Commas for separation
  • Commas for subordinated clauses (this is over three pages)
  • Commas for clarifying meaning
  • Command and Full stops
  • Parenthesis – commas , dashed and brackets (again over three pages)
  • Other uses of dashes
  • Colons
  • Semicolons
  • Bullet points
  • Hyphens

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In total there are 33 pages of exercises in the workbook.

We really like the way these workbooks are set out.  The explanations are spot on.  We tend to cover a concept, do the activities and if necessary add an extra activity for more practice from the TeachitPrimary website. (You just need to set up a free account and you can download all their PDF docs.)

This range of Understanding English seems to be a good fit for my son.

Understanding English Punctuation by Schofield & Sims

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Schofield & Sims Understanding

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  1. Camie says:

    Looks like these are useful workbooks!


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