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Encouraging writing with little booklets

I am always on the lookout for fun writing activities for the kids.  Both of mine have incredible imaginations and come up with lots of stories but they are not big on putting the stories down into a written format.  … Continue reading

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The Night Zookeeper

We are very much in a creative, literacy mode at the moment.  Both the kids have been immersing themselves in stories and then creative games or activities based on the stories.  I have loved watching this unfold.  One of the … Continue reading

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Teachit Primary Resources

One of the websites I have recently been using is the Teachit Primary website.  It is still a fairly new website for me but I am enjoying the range of worksheets.  They have a Free account which allows you to … Continue reading

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At Home With Punctuation Workbook Review

My son has really found the At Home with Spelling book helpful and easy to use (not too much in one go) so when I was wanting to revise some Punctuation I first looked to see if there was something … Continue reading

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Reading Classic Stories Together

My oldest is a confident happy reader, she enjoys reading to herself but she also LOVES it when we read a book together.  It is honestly one of her all time favourite activities.  Curling up on the couch while we … Continue reading

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What’s that Building – a Big Cat reader

I love discovering interesting new reading books.  But I must admit upfront that we have often found the different reading series a bit boring, as a result we normally pick library books based on what looks interesting and we often … Continue reading

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Year 1 Grammar book we are using

In February I mentioned that we had received a set of Schofield & Sims Grammar books so I thought it was time to give a more detailed review of one of the books we have been using, the Grammar 1 … Continue reading

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