Key Stage 3 Collins History Books

I wrote last year about the two Collins Key Stage 3 History books that my daughter bought after spotting them in a local bookstore. We started using the first one as her main History book but I kept feeling like I needed to find extra resources and questions for her so we switched to the Oxford University Press book – Invasion, Plague and Murder. However my daughter still really likes reading these books. She finds the format very easy and often just sits and reads sections to herself. So in December when we were in the same bookstore and she spotted the third book in the set I happily bought it for her (It costs £7.99 in the bookstore but you can get it for slightly cheaper on Amazon). It is the KS3 History Modern Britain (1760-1900) (Knowing History)

Collins Modern History Key Stage 3 Book by Robert Peal

It is written in the exact same format as the first two and she has already been reading sections to herself, understanding what she is reading and then either asking follow up questions or going to research items further. So for our purposes it is doing the exact job that I bought it for.

KS3 History Modern Britain (1760-1900) (Knowing History) covers the periods 1760 to 1900 and is broken down into 6 sections, each section is 12 pages long and has 5 sub-sections and a summary knowledge organiser at the end.

Collins Modern History. The French Revolution Knowledge Organiser

The Sections are as follows

  1. The British Empire – America, India, Australia, Ruling the Waves and Wealth and Trade
  2. The Americas – American Revolution, American War of Independence, Transatlantic slave trade, Life as a slave, Abolition
  3. The French Revolution – The Ancien Regime, Execution and terror, The rise of Napoleon, Britain’s response, The fall of Napoloen.
  4. The Industrial Revolution – The steam engine, Cotton textiles, Iron and coal, Transport, The Railway Age.
  5. The Age of Reform – Urbanisation, Factory Life, Social reform, Political reform, Law and order.
  6. The Victorian Empire – Queen Victoria, Indian rebellion, Ireland and home rule, The scramble for Africa, Ruling the Empire.

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It is a great summary and for our purposes a good introduction to the events of this period.

Key Stage 3 Collins History books written by Robert Peal ofamily learning together

The three books in the Collins Key Stage 3 History set are KS3 History Medieval Britain (410-1509) (Knowing History), KS3 History Early Modern Britain (1509-1760) (Knowing History), KS3 History Modern Britain (1760-1900) (Knowing History).

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