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Sweet Maths

I have been feeling like our Maths has been a bit dry lately and I always think fun maths equates to maths that is remembered. So last night while I was picking up some bread and milk I quickly grabbed … Continue reading

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Punctuation Workbook for Key Stage 2

One of the workbooks that I am currently using with my son is the Understanding English: Punctuation: KS2 English Study Book, Ages 7-11. It is part of their Understanding English series which consists of 8 different workbooks and so far … Continue reading

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Christmas Maths Mystery pages from Twinkl

We enjoy doing seasonal activities and we don’t just stick to crafts, a bit of holiday Maths always goes down well – both of mine far prefer the idea of Christmas Maths to normal maths. We have tried a few … Continue reading

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Rocks and Soil Topic Pack

We have been looking at Rivers and Erosion quite a bit over the last few weeks but one of the starting points for this topic was been having an understanding about rocks, the different types of rocks and how the … Continue reading

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The World of Vikings. Book Review

I thought we were done with Vikings. Like Done, finished, ticked the box, time to move onto other sections of History (because let’s be honest a large portion of last year was all about Vikings – Viking Fiction, Vikings in … Continue reading

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How Mountains Are Made

After watching a Planet Earth episode my son decided he wanted to relook at how mountains are formed. So while we were at the library picking up reserved books we quickly went to search for a mountain book and he … Continue reading

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Wyrmstooth Crown by Twinkl

It’s no secret I have two little bookworms. They love books and I have often found story-based learning activities to be big hits with both the kids. So we thought we would try one of the more complex Twinkl eBooks … Continue reading

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