Creating four Quadrant Coordinate Pictures

I was recently searching for some new coordinate pictures to use with the kids and although I could find a number with just one quadrant I could not find that many using all four quadrants so I decided to have try and create my own.

I set up our own four quadrant page using the 1cm grid paper from Activity Village.

I started by just drawing very stylized images – trying to keep the line straight and then plotted the coordinates for them. Stylized, simplified images were definitely much easier to work with (well for me they were)

four quadrant coordinate flower picture

But then I remembered the new templates on Activity Village specifically the shark ones and since my son is fascinated my sharks I thought I would see if using a template would also work. I choose this Shark template and cut out a few different sizes. Then to start with I simply traced around the image.

using a shark template from Activity Village to get the starting point for a coordinate image

But then you need to start adjusting the image  – some points need to get stretched and others shrunk a bit so they fit into the grid a bit better. There is some trail and error involved.

I also added in an extra fin (my son asked me to do this) and we had something that we could work with, so my son tested out the Big shark image.

plotting his shark coordinate picture

And once he was finished he even added some of his own details (eye, teeth, gills etc and coloured it in).

four quadrant shark picture created with free to download coordinates

I also created a second shark coordinate image for him

In the end I ended up with 4 different coordinate images – a Big Shark, 2 sharks together, 3 fish and a flower.

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I have typed up the coordinates and you can download them on the link below.

Coordinates by ofamily learning together

I must admit I quite enjoyed the challenge of creating the pictures so I am thinking I might try and create a map version.

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