Lines of Symmetry

The kids and I have been talking a lot about lines of symmetry while we  have been looking at our Geometry and as part of that I have tried to include the idea of symmetry into some of the “arty activities” that we like to do. (Very simple explanation – A line of symmetry is a line on which you can fold your piece of paper / shape and both sides will be identical).

I spotted these Rangoli Pattern colouring pages on the Twinkl website (part of their paid for subscription) and I immediately noticed how symmetrical they were.  So we printed out 2 copies and the kids had a go.

Using the Rangoli Pattern colouring pages from Twinkl to work on lines of symmetry

They started by deciding where their line of symmetry was – this was the main reason that I liked these colouring pictures so much – in each picture there are multiple lines of symmetry – so both kids could end up colouring in the same picture but they could select a totally different line of symmetry.

Using the Rangoli Pattern colouring page to explain lines of symmetry

Rangoli Patterns line of symmetry picture

I also happened to order these mosaic foam coaster kits from Baker Ross (when I ordered them I was not thinking of Maths I actually thought it was something that I could take in my bag for my youngest to do while we wait for his sister to finish her dance class).  But as often happens one of the kids spotted them and actually commented how the patterns that they had included in the pack where symmetrical. So naturally we unpacked them and they had a go.

Baker Ross Mosaic Foam Craft kit

Now you can copy the patterns that they include – there is nothing wrong with the patterns they are nice but after just copying 1 pattern mine wanted the challenge of creating their own.  Each little set comes with a different combination of coloured mosaic foam squares and you could open them all up and mix  all the coloured squares together if you wanted.  However I gave mine the challenge of trying to create their own patterns with the coloured squares provided in each set (of course if they ended up 1 or 2 squares short we did borrow from one of the other sets).

Creating his own designs with the foam craft kits from Baker Ross

But the challenge was really good because not only did they end up thinking about making the pattern symmetrical they also had to do some quick maths to make sure they would have enough of each colour.  Straight forwarded addition practice but also some multiplication.  My youngest quickly spotted that the mosaic foam stickers were cut into blocks of 3’s so a quick way of working out if he had enough squares was by using his 3 times table (Yiphee – practicing times table without me quizzing him and more importantly seeing how useful knowing his times tables can really be).

If you are wanting to know more about Lines of Symmetry have a look at the Khan Academy website here – Lines of symmetry

This is not a sponsored post in any shape of form.  These are just two activities that we did and which the kids enjoyed doing.

Lines of Symmetry explained used Rangoli Pattern colouring pages. Pages from Twinkl Resources

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