Arithmetic Workbooks – extra Maths practice examples we have been using

Earlier this year I was looking for some extra Maths practice examples. I already had books that we were using for explaining the different maths concepts and I am totally happy at creating a few of my own maths pages but sometimes my brain just can’t think of a new sum and I end up sitting at the computer wondering what sums I could create. So I went to a local bookstore and started paging though the different workbooks they had to see if I could find something that would really give us extra maths sums that we could use for practice. I spotted the Bond SATs Skills: Arithmetic Workbook: 10-11 years and it was exactly what I was looking for so I bought the book and we started using it.

Oxford University Press Bond Key Stage 2 Arithmetic Worbook for ages 10 -11. Year 6 practice book

As I mentioned this for us is really a workbook which gives us extra maths practice for concepts that the kids already know (so not what I call an explaining book). But as a maths practice workbook I have found this really useful, REALLY useful. I really just flip to whatever section I want and then circle a few sums and the kids then do the sums in their own maths books. Okay so let me clarify the Bond workbooks do include space for working out the sums but I have chosen to NOT write in these books so that if I want to I can mix up examples, redo examples and use it for both kids. So it is just my preference that the kids do the sums in their own exercise books and not write in these workbooks – totally my personal preference so we can get the most out of these books.

I was actually so happy with the book that I had bought that I contacted a Press contact at Oxford University Press and asked if we could get the 8-9 years and 9-10 years book for review purposes because I wanted to compare the content in all three books. They kindly agreed and sent me the other two.

Firstly general setup of all the workbooks is the same – each workbook is divided in 10 Units (roughly 46 pages of exercises), they include the answers in the middle of the workbook – which means if you want to remove them it is easy to do so, they also include a page explaining key words at the back and there is a progress chart if you want to use it. At the top of the pages they do include short Helpful Hints of how to tackle the sums and at the end of each Unit they is one story sum page (really like that they have included the story sum page so often – you get 10 story sums pages in each workbook).

So what is included in each individual book?

Bond SATs Skills: Arithmetic Workbook: 8-9 years.

  1. Place Value – up to hundred thousands and includes rounding practice.
  2. Addition – straight forward addition practice.
  3. Subtraction – practice including numbers in ten thousands and needing to borrow.
  4. Addition and Subtraction – mixed up examples.
  5. Multiplication – need to know times tables for this section.
  6. Division – including the bus stop method.
  7. Multiplication and Division – mixed up examples including some bigger numbers.
  8. Fractions – adding and subtracting fractions with the same denominator, including some mixed numbers.
  9. Decimals – multiplying and dividing a decimal number by 10 and 100.
  10. Test Your Skills – mixed examples covering all sections in the book.

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Bond SATs Skills: Arithmetic Workbook: 9-10 years

  1. Place Value – up to a million, includes rounding and finding common factors.
  2. Addition – practice including adding numbers in the ten thousands.
  3. Subtraction -practice including sums with numbers in hundred thousands.
  4. Multiplying and Dividing by 10, 100 and 1000.
  5. Multiplication – includes square and cube numbers and long multiplication examples.
  6. Division – bus stop method with remainders and showing remainders as fractions.
  7. Multiplication and Division – mixed examples.
  8. Fractions – equivalent Fractions, simplifying fractions and converting improper fractions into mixed numbers.
  9. Decimals – adding and subtracting decimals.
  10. Test yours Skills – mixed examples covering all sections in the book.

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Bond SATs Skills: Arithmetic Workbook: 10-11 years

  1. Place Value – up to ten millions, rounding and negative numbers.
  2. Addition and Subtraction – mixed examples.
  3. Multiplication – including squared and cubed numbers and long multiplication.
  4. Division – with remainders and long division.
  5. Multiplication and Division – mixed examples.
  6. Fractions – adding and subtracting mixed fraction where denominators are different, multiplying and dividing with fractions.
  7. Multiplying with decimals.
  8. Dividing with decimals.
  9. Percentages – writing a percentage as a fraction and as a decimal and calculating the percentage of a number.
  10. Test your Skills – mixed examples covering all sections in the book.

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If you are looking for books with extra Maths practice examples we think this set is very useful.

UPDATE – I know have the 10-11+ Stretch workbook so I am going to add what is included in this one.

Bond SATs Skills: Arithmetic Workbook: 10-11+ years Stretch

  1. Number – negative numbers, squared and cubed numbers, converting metric measurements.
  2. Multi-Step Questions – including BODMAS
  3. Estimating and Rounding – including numbers with millions and up to three decimal places.
  4. Decimals, Fractions and Percentages – converting, multiplying and dividing
  5. Factors and Multiples
  6. Mixed Operations – All 4 operations using fractions and mixed numbers.
  7. Algebra – basic solving equations.
  8. Sequences – complete mix of different sequences.
  9. Ratio and Proportion.
  10. Test Your Skills – example of everything covered in the first 9 units.

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I have found the 10-11+ workbook contains examples which are just that step up from the others and we have been using them as some starting activities/ practice examples over the past few weeks. (We have found the Bodmas and algebra examples very useful.)

As I mentioned I bought the year 10- 11 book and then I asked for review copies of the 8-9 and 9-10 books so that I could include the detail of what they cover.

I do include Affiliate links. If you follow an affiliate link and go on to purchase that product, I will be paid a very small commission, however your cost will remain the same. I only include affiliate links for products that we use and love.

Oxford University Press Bond Key Stage 2 Maths Workbooks. Arithmetic Practice

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