Wyrmstooth Crown by Twinkl

It’s no secret I have two little bookworms. They love books and I have often found story-based learning activities to be big hits with both the kids. So we thought we would try one of the more complex Twinkl eBooks (we have read a few of their easier ones before).

With my kids fascination of dragon-related stories I had a gut feeling that the Wyrmstooth Crown might be a hit. It Was. And I must admit that I was very impressed with this story. The way they described how the dragons would have perceived normal human objects was brilliant. All three of us loved those sections. And my son has chatted about the creative way Guster’s thinking was portrayed over and over again.

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The story is about 2 dragons – Guster and his mother Redbreath who live quietly in a forest until their peace is disturbed by workers creating a quarry. Which happens to be when Guster meats a young girl (Miranda) and they formulate a plan to stop the quarry and safe-guard the dragon’s home. The story has a lovely happy ending with the dragon’s forest being declared a nature reserve.

After reading the eBook together I downloaded some book-themed resources – there is a LOT to choose from – I was surprised by how many English related activities they had created for this eBook. And for all of the resources that I looked at that had multiple levels – so there are often 3 different levels for an activity and you can chose which one is best for your kid’s ability. I find this works really well for us as I can often use an easier level of the activity with my youngest and then a harder level with my oldest. It really suits us. Take for example the Pronoun page– the first level just talks about nouns and pronouns, the second level has pronouns, nouns and proper nouns and the third versions has possessive nouns.

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We found Punctuation pages and plural pages which were perfect for my son and some more complex grammar pages for my daughter.

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We also really liked the coordinates worksheets. Again they have included three different levels – the first with 1 quadrant, the second with 2 quadrants and the third with 4 quadrants. So really a perfect activity if you have different aged kids or different abilities working together.

Wyrmstooth Crown Valley coordinate page

I was really impressed with this story, I thought the writing is the kind that inspires the kids to try something similar themselves.  And all of the worksheets they have created means you can have a really good book-linked language session afterwards.

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