International GCSE Biology Workbook

When I was selecting which resources to use (and how many resources to use) I was a bit unsure about practice questions. Which workbook should we use, how many workbooks would we need, how many different types of questions do we need, aah lots of questions and I was not sure what the answer was. But as we have progressed I have found that you really do need a number of different practice question sources (in other words you need more that just one workbook or one website). Because as much as the kids need to understand the content (they really do need to understand it) they also need to practice answering questions, they need to practice putting their thoughts into words and practice understanding what exactly the questions are asking them to do.

So that being said I discovered a really great internet site which we use for both Biology and Physics questions and I also bought an additional workbook for both Biology and her Physics. After reading lots of reviews and paging through a bunch of different workbooks I went with the CPG International GCSE Biology Exam Practice Workbook.

It was not that expensive (under £8), it covers all the topics,

it includes a wide range of questions, it indicates which are the harder questions, it has all the answers included at the back of the book and it even includes 2 practice papers.

And they have included questions on the practicals that the kids need to cover (I really like this)

Okay so it really does cover everything. But I will say this, you do only get a page or two of questions per topic. So if you are using this as you only source of questions you may find that is not enough. But if you are like us, it is one of the four sources of questions then it is exactly what you need (yes I did say 4 sources of questions because we like to practice the questions).

It is not flashy, it is black and white but really for a workbook I am not expecting colour with bells and whistles. Black and white is perfectly fine for us and honestly the important thing is the quality of questions, the variety of questions and if the diagrams that they use are accurate. All of which is it.

For us this workbook for just under £8 is brilliant value for money and we really ars using it with every Biology topic that we cover.

Admin – I do include Affiliate links. If you follow an affiliate link and go on to purchase that product, I will be paid a very small commission, however your cost will remain the same. I only include affiliate links for products that we use and recommend.

This post is not linked to any publisher. I bought this book for my daughter to use.

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