Anglo-Saxon Kings

My daughter likes creating family trees and timelines showing how the different Kings and Queens are related.  She has actually created one massive timeline of all the Kings and Queens of Britain but now that we have been looking at the Anglo-Saxons in more detail we thought we would revisit just the Anglo-Saxon section and redo it so we could include some additional details.

Nothing fancy just 2 large pieces of A3 paper with our pencils and some resources that we have already been using.  My daughter was focusing on getting the order of the Kings with the years they ruled and how they were related / linked to previous Kings.

Creating her own List of Anglo-Saxon Kings including some signifcant details

She did also include some extra details around the significant Monarchs (the ones she considers significant) –  so she was very interested in Athelred the Unready and Cnut because they both married Emma and Emma had 4 sons. all of whom got a turn to rule.  She finds these more unusual occurrences very interesting.

Creating her own timeline of the Anglo-Saxon Kings of England

After she had finished she decided to add a bit of colour – mainly highlighting some of the Kings in Red.

A section of the home-made Anglo-Saxon Kings timeline. Part of our British History

All in all I must admit it turned out to be a very useful summary of the Anglo-Saxon Kings.

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Regarding the sources she used – she really stuck to two sources for most of it.  The British Monarchs Timeline pages from Twinkl Resources (this is one of their secondary resources)- this lists all the Kings and Queens from the Anglo-Saxons through to the current Queen.  We are finding these pages very useful for British History.

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And although it does include some facts about the different Kings and Queens we could not always find the family links that we wanted (ie a certain Kings was a half-brother or a nephew of a previous King etc) so we combined the Twinkl pages with this book Early Kings of England: Band 14/Ruby (Collins Big Cat).  This book has been such a gem for us.  It is a reader aimed at Key Stage 2 ages so it is not complex as such but it includes a fair bit about the significant Anglo-Saxon Kings, their accomplishments and family links.

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We really liked details like this family tree for Alfred the Great.

A family Tree included in the Collins BIG CAT reader Eralt Kings of England. Brilliant Anglo-Saxon source for Key Stage 2 ages

My daughter did also use two pictures – one of Alfred The Great and one of William the Conqueror which are part of the Significant British Monarchs Flashcards from Twinkl Resources.  And the Anglo-Saxon timeline on the board where she is working is also from Twinkl Resources

creating her Anglo-Saxon Monarchs Timeline using Twinkl Resources pages

All Twinkl Resources items are part of their paid for membership

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Working on her Anglo-Saxon Kings timeline using resources from Twinkl and a BIG CAT reader on Early Kings on England

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  1. Lovely. We are making a timeline too at the moment in the form of a long banner. Its really cool to see a different way of doing it

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  2. Camie says:

    I love timelines and family trees! This is very cool.

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