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Bringing The Lady of the Mercians and King Athelstan to life

We have read a few Anglo-Saxon historical fiction books lately, every one has highlighted different aspects of that time and they seem to keep adding more and more to our knowledge and understanding of that time period. Our latest have … Continue reading

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Freedom for Bron. An Anglo-Saxon story

With our Anglo-Saxon theme I feel like we have stuck to the migration of the Angles, Saxons and Jutes, the fighting and the different Kings  but for whatever the reason the kids have not been that interested in the lifestyle … Continue reading

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Anglo-Saxon Kings

My daughter likes creating family trees and timelines showing how the different Kings and Queens are related.  She has actually created one massive timeline of all the Kings and Queens of Britain but now that we have been looking at … Continue reading

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Winter of the Wolves – Anglo-Saxon Fiction

I recently mentioned that my kids have become fascinated by the Anglo-Saxon time period.  And if there is one thing I learnt last year it was the power of finding good Historical Fiction books for the kids to read.  A … Continue reading

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