Spring Flower Hunt

I love getting out in Spring.  The weather is warmer, the flowers come out and the colours just feel so alive after winter.  Recently we bought a membership to the RHS Gardens (UK) and the kids and I have been making good use of it.

My daughter is keen to learn more about plants so we took advantage of the warmer weather and did a Spring Flower Hunt (part of the paid for Platinum pages from Twinkl).

Twinkl Spring Flower Hunt

We have done colour hunts / season themed hunts / minibeast hunts before but never a flower hunt.  The kids loved it.

Initially my youngest was just trying to match the flowers on colour so I showed him he needed to look at other details like the shape of the petals and how the leaves look.  He happily started doing that.  And when he found a flower he thought might match he would call his sister over and the two would decided together.

Working together tryingg to decide of they have spotted the correct flower

What I also really liked about the flower hunt was while the kids were walking around looking they naturally started reading the flower signs that were in the garden.  And they did not just read the names they started reading the details about the different plants.  So even though lots of the flowers were not on our list the kids still ended up learning about them.

Doing a Spring Flower Hunt and learning about other flowers in the process

And then just when I was getting ready to go and get a coffee my youngest noticed I had a colour hunt page in my bag (I actually had this colour checklist page with me for a completely different idea but when the kids get on a learning roll I adjust my plans and follow their lead).  So the two rascals quickly had a go at making sure they had spotted all the colours while we were out.  And my youngest pointed out that the only black he had spotted was actually man-made signs, he thought this was interesting as mommy (me) is always telling them that the shadows are not always pitch black but darker shades of colours.

Kids doing a Spring Flower Hunt and a colour hunt

And my daughter had a great time taking photographs of the flowers, she was talking about using her photographs to make her own flower hunt list for our next visit (but to be honest by the time we got home she was exhausted – the venue was crowded with lots of school children on holiday and although she manages the outings like a pro these days by the time she gets home she needs quite a bit of time to get over the sensory overload – maybe over the weekend I will remind her of the idea to make her own flower hunt list).

taking some flower photos while we did a Spring Flower hunt


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2 Responses to Spring Flower Hunt

  1. another mom says:

    I love it when children are helped to use their eyes to really see….the shape, texture, colour, size….bodes well for their future artistic endeavours.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Camie says:

    We’ve been taking lots of spring walks, too. Love the nature hunt and flower photo.

    Liked by 1 person

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