Lets go on a colour hunt in English, Afrikaans and Spanish

We started off last week doing a colour hunt when we were out for a walk at one of the National Trust sites.  We had our colour hunt pages on some clip boards and my daughter tore off running around the gardens trying to find all the colours.

Colour hunt outside

My son was not that interested, he just wanted to run and climb but afterwards when we where sitting down at the local coffee shop for something to eat (and for something hot for me to drink – I had lost all feeling in my toes by that stage) my son then decided he wanted to join in and do a colour hunt.  So he did his, much to the amusement of some very friendly pensioners who were also enjoying a cup of hot tea, in the coffee shop.

colour hunt coffee shop

Two days later we tried a colour hunt again but this time in Afrikaans and indoors (rainy day).  I took out the kids number sensory tub and they rummaged around finding buttons, beads and even numbers in the correct colours.  The colour hunt pages can be downloaded from Twinkl (platinum) there are a number of different versions – English, Afrikaans, editable and soon a Spanish version.

Colour hunt - AfrikaansIt was great Afrikaans reading practice for my daughter and even my youngest is starting to recognise a few of the words now.

We have done a couple of activities with colour mixing in the past and my daughter knows it all now but little man still sometimes asks.  So with all our colour hunts going on I thought it would be a good time to revisit some of the colour mixing ideas.  We have these lovely colour mixing cards from Twinkl in English which we have used a number of time but this time we used our Afrikaans colour mixing cards.  The colour mixing cards can also be downloaded from Twinkl (FREE) in English, Afrikaans, Spanish (soon to be added) and an editable version.

colour mixing cards - AfrikaansMy daughter thought it was great being able to do the cards in both languages and then started telling me what the colour mixing cards would be in Spanish.  So yes you guessed it I quickly translated a colour hunt page and colour mixing cards for her into Spanish and she had another go at finding objects around the house with the same colours but this time saying the Spanish colour words.

She also went and fetched her English colour mixing cards and sat with her English and Afrikaans cards and compared the words. I thought this was great.  She starting pointing out certain things like Pink in Afrikaans also has an “e” in it and white and wit are almost the same but the English word includes a “h” and an “e”. She says that blou and groen have a “o” instead on an “e” like in English.  I am so glad that she is seeing these differences and noticing them for herself I think it will make writing in both languages much easier for her.

colour mixing cards 2

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  1. another mom says:

    clever children…three languages!


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