Lets go on a Minibeast hunt

My kids have a new obsession, well it is 2nd to their on going Dinosaur obsession.  It is all things minibeasts (insects and spiders included).

I have been trying to encourage this new interest so I thought it was about time I put together a Minibeast Tray for them.

Lets go on a Minibeast hunt in the garden. perfect for the spring and summer months. found on ofamilyblogIncluded in the tray is

The tray has been left by the back door which leads onto our garden for around one week now and both kids are regularly using it to go and look for creatures.  And yes in case you are wondering a few of the creatures have been brought into the house to show me.

Minibeast Hunt in the back garden on ofamilyblog

The insect viewers has proven to be very popular.  The kids have used them to look at small creatures as well as flowers and bits of grass and leaves.

Insect viewer

looking at flowers in the bug finder

Our minibeast tray has been a big hit over the last week and I am sure it is still going to be very popular over the coming weeks.

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