Year 1 Grammar book we are using

In February I mentioned that we had received a set of Schofield & Sims Grammar books so I thought it was time to give a more detailed review of one of the books we have been using, the Grammar 1 book.    My daughter has been doing some of the exercises in the older books (combination of Grammar 3 and Grammar 4) and whenever she is busy her younger brother likes to join in with his own activity.  This set has been perfect for that, as all the books in the set have the same style to them so he feels like he is doing “real big work” when he completes a page in his Grammar 1 book.

Working through his Grammar 1 pupil book by Schofield & Sims

What is included in the Grammar 1 book (47 Pages in total) –

Sentences – using Capital letters and Full stops (they cover this over a number of pages).

Joining basic sentences with “and”.

Adding s and ed to make plurals.


Grammar 1 Pupil book by Schofield & Sims introduces questions

Verb endings (ing / ed / er).

Grammar 1 pupil book by Schofield& Sims includes verb endings

Describing words.

Adding “un” to a word.

As with all the Grammar books they have 3 double revision pages in the book as well as 3 different writing tasks.

Grammar 1 is the first in this series so there is not as much writing as in the older books, sometimes the kids just tick a box, circle a word, underline a word or just need to write one word down.

Grammar 1 pupil book by Schofield & Sims introduces describing words

But there are some instances where they need to rewrite a sentence (nothing too complicated), however my son still writes his letters rather large and he did battled to fit everything on the space provided.

Grammar 1 pupil book by Schofield & Sims

This was not a big issue as I just gave him a separate piece of paper and instead of writing in the book on the line provided he used his piece of paper.  For us this meant he could still complete the assigned task but he did not have to stress over trying to reduce the size of his letters but could rather focus on getting his letter formation correct.  He was happy with this work around as he knew the answers and wanted the satisfaction of finishing the pages.

I do like the content in the book, I like the way it is broken down and the simple explanations at the top of each page are concise.  My youngest is enjoying the fact that he has his own workbook and I must admit I am enjoying that fact that I do not need to spend as much time in the evenings looking for English activities for him.

We still have a number of pages left in the book and we are not rushing him through the book, we are go slowly at this pace but I am confident that when we have finished this book we will continue with the series and move onto the Grammar 2 pupil book.



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