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Our Readers

One of the questions I am asked on a fairly regular basis is what readers do my kids use ?  Honestly – any book that they enjoy is a great reader.  My number one priority is always making sure that … Continue reading

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Labelling our home

When my daughter was first learning to read we did a label the house activity (I made some simple word cards and she walked around the house labeling everything).  She thought it was a fun activity and did it a … Continue reading

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Farmer’s Market Kids game

I love it when I can buy something for the kids that lasts for years and can be used in more than one way.  We have a young child’s memory game called Farmer’s Market.  I bought it many years ago … Continue reading

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Water Beads, letters and Word Mats

My kids love water beads, they love sinking their hands in tub full of water beads and they love hiding their toys in-between all the water beads.  I have to admit I also find the feeling of submerging my hands … Continue reading

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Digging for words

I love it when we get to use and reuse the cards and goodies that I laminate and cut out for the kids.  The free what’s in the box cards from Twinkl have been one of these that we have … Continue reading

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