Labelling our home

When my daughter was first learning to read we did a label the house activity (I made some simple word cards and she walked around the house labeling everything).  She thought it was a fun activity and did it a number of times so I thought I would try the same activity with my youngest.  This time I used some Free to download home word cards from Twinkl (I have no idea what happened to the cards that I made for my daughter – totally blame the fact that we had two house moves since then).


I was a little bit nervous that my youngest would just guess the word based on the picture but he did not.  He carefully sounded out the word and tried to figure it out himself.



My son enjoyed the fact that it was a reading activity that involved him walking around the house and placing cards on the correct objects.  He does tend to enjoy moving while he learns so this suited him.

And some of the words were a lot longer and more complex than what he would normally read but he still tried them.

home-word-cards-bookshelf-word-card-from-twinklThe download includes a lot of words. We did not use all the words and I found it better to split the pack of words up so that he was not doing too many in one go.

After he had finished his labelling he got to keep his word cards (we packed them into a small plastic folder) and he left them on his table.


He is just starting to write out random lists but I have found that he gets frustrated when he can not spell lots of words and gives up.  So we have left his home cards for him to use.  (The list making is something that his sister does on a regular basis and he likes to sometimes join in – it normally involves writing a list to go with a game they have made up).






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2 Responses to Labelling our home

  1. Camie says:

    Love this activity for early readers! When I was learning Spanish, I labeled things in my home in their Spanish names.


  2. EMA says:

    I printed some cards out in a similar way and put them up on a few objects around the house but I definitely will hand them to my oldest next time and get her to try to sound them out and find the correct place when she is a bit older.


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