Farmer’s Market Kids game

I love it when I can buy something for the kids that lasts for years and can be used in more than one way.  We have a young child’s memory game called Farmer’s Market.  I bought it many years ago for my oldest as a simple memory game. We then used it as a colour matching activity for my son and for daughter to practice reading animal words and now this week we have dug it out again this time for my youngest to practice his animal word reading.

Farmer's Market game by Brain Box

It is not a complicated game, it is designed for younger kids to be a memory game but what I liked about this game (all those years ago when I first bought it)  is the boards have two versions.  You get the plain farmers cart with no words on (perfect for the very young kiddies) they just need to match the correct colours – so only the red animals go onto the red cart.  Then if you flip the board over it is the exact same farmers  cart but now it is has the animal words written on it.

Farmer's Market two different boards one with words on and one without words on

No complicated words just some basic animal words.  So now the older kids can read the words and match the animal cards based on the words that they have to read.

Farmer's Market board with animal names on

With both my kids this has proved to be a great way of them practicing these basic words.  My youngest sat with his older sister and sounded out each word and figured out where his animal cards belonged.  The first few times he played the game with the words he did actually place some of the cards on the incorrect words but we left him and then later on he realised he had made the mistake and he corrected himself (he got to a point where he only had the cat animal left but the cat word had an animal on it so he went back and rechecked the words).

Farmer's Market - youngest reading the words to figure out where his card should go

So for someone like me this game has been a memory game a colour matching game and now we have used it with both kids as a relaxed reading activity.  So for a simple young kids board game it has been used over and over by both my kids and for a number of years.  Well worth it considering it cost me less than £5 to buy all those years ago.

And the quality is very good.  We have used it a number of times with both kids, and it is still in a good condition, good enough that once we have finished practicing our animal words we will be giving it to some friends to use.

Here is the link for the game – Farmer’s Market

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  1. Love these simple games, thanks for the link – saves me hunting! added to my wishlist for later! x


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