Digging for words

I love it when we get to use and reuse the cards and goodies that I laminate and cut out for the kids.  The free what’s in the box cards from Twinkl have been one of these that we have used over and over again.  We used them as a straightforward match the correct word to the correct picture activity, my son has traced over the words with his STABILO woody 3in1 Wallet of 10 colours – Multi-talented pencil(they wipe off laminated card), we have used them as a spot the vowel activity and this week we used them in a sensory tub as a digging for words activity.

I enjoy including sensory bins whenever I can with the kids learning as they get to have sensory input while they are learning something so it always feels like a win win activity to me.  We have used sensory tubs with a letter hunt (for my son) and some number bond maths (for my daughter) and word hunts (with my daughter) so I thought it was time my youngest got to do his own word hunt.

I made sure our bean tub was nice and full and I removed all the extra goodies that always seems to end up in the bean tub – my kids keep their bean tub in their bedroom so small animal toys often end up hidden inside it.  Then I hide the words in the tub and left the pictures on top.  I left the tub in the middle of the sitting room floor and waited for my youngest to discover it.  My youngest likes to discover activities for himself.

bean sensory tub with words hidden inside and matching pictures left on top

He started off by setting out all the picture cards on the floor next to the bean tub and then started searching for the words.

Finding a word hidden in a bean sensory tub and then matching the word to the correct pictureAs he found the words, he would sound them out and then try to blend the sounds together to get the correct word.  He battled with queen, so it helped that there were pictures to guide him (again he likes to do the activity by himself so it helps if there are pictures guiding him along the correct path).

He did really well and did not stop until he had found a word for each picture.

word cards matched to the correct picture

Our bean tub is much used and loved in our house, it is a combination of a number of beans – including black beans, red beans, kidney beans, butter beans and corn (we originally also had split peas in the tub but they proved a bit of a nightmare for me as they ended up everywhere and drove me slightly crazy, so one night while both kiddies were sleeping the split peas vanished.)

searching in the bean tub for the word cards

finding words hidden in a bean tub, great sensory activity and reading activity for young childrenI have included an affiliate link in this post.  If you follow an affiliate link and go on to purchase that product, I will be paid a very small commission, however your cost will be the same.








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2 Responses to Digging for words

  1. Love this idea of adding the sensory element! We are big fans of Twinkl cards in this house. Now we have something to add to our game!


  2. This looks fab – and love the sound of the bean tub!


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