Water Beads, letters and Word Mats

My kids love water beads, they love sinking their hands in tub full of water beads and they love hiding their toys in-between all the water beads.  I have to admit I also find the feeling of submerging my hands in the water beads very relaxing so I understand why they get super excited when they see me emptying a packet of water beads into a tub of water.

water beads

We have actually been working on Capital letters (Upper case letters) with my youngest so I thought we could hide the Lower case letters in the water beads and get him to find the Lower case letters and then match them to the Upper case letters.  However my son had his own ideas.

finding letters in a tub of water beads

He wanted to build words.

He told me he was tired of all the phonic words and wanted to try some “tricky words”.  If you follow my facebook page you probably saw the photos of all the printing that I have done lately (I admit I may have gone slightly overboard).  But the positive side of all the printing –  I happened to have printed out 2 words mats from Twinkl (part of their paid for Platinum package) – Year 1 word mat and Year 2 word mat so I quickly slotted the word mats into my Learning Resources Wipe Clean Pockets and gave them to my youngest.

{Tip when letting the kids work with water beads any paper left lying around next to the tub of water beads will get wet.  Good idea to laminate any pages or use the Wipe Clean Pockets.}

And he was off.

Using our letters to build words from the Word mat

It was quick but he kept himself busy while I cooked dinner, practiced some words (and some fairly hard words) and he even convinced his sister that she should also have a go.

Word building using letters and the Word Mats from Twinkl

Very quick and simple but a fun way to work on some words.




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