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Noun word search

We have been talking about nouns and verbs lately and my youngest seems to have clicked quite quickly that a verb is an action / doing word but nouns seem to get mixed up.  He sometimes gets a bit confused … Continue reading

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The Scarecrow’s Wedding craft and writing

We have not done fun crafty story based activities for ages but I noticed the past week that my youngest has been reading and rereading The Scarecrows’ Wedding to himself so I thought it might be fun to use the … Continue reading

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Using Children’s books as Readers

I am very thankful that my kids love their books.  They love being read to, they love sitting and paging through their books on their own and my daughter is really starting to enjoy reading books for herself and to … Continue reading

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Stick man Oh Stick man we love you

Yes we love the Julia Donaldson books in our house and Stick Man is currently my son’s favourite.  And yes a favourite book means an excuse to do some “activities” around the book.  We have already done some crafty type … Continue reading

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Stick Man activities

We love reading Stick Man by Julia Donaldson.  It is definitely one of my kids top 10 favourite books.  We read it all year round but I do have to admit I love reading it in the build up to … Continue reading

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The Scarecrow’s wedding and scarecrow cookies

We bought a new addition to our mini Julia Donaldson library last week – The Scarecrow’s Wedding (affiliate link).  We all love it.  Pink thinks that Harry and Betty (the 2 main characters) are lovely and gentle so I could … Continue reading

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Witches and Wizards Role playing

The kids are still reading the Room on the Broom every day and have been acting out bits of the story so I thought I would add some extra goodies to their role playing. We had some witches hats that … Continue reading

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