Stick man Oh Stick man we love you

Yes we love the Julia Donaldson books in our house and Stick Man is currently my son’s favourite.  And yes a favourite book means an excuse to do some “activities” around the book.  We have already done some crafty type activities so I thought we would use our current favourite Stick Man to practice some of our counting / maths.  I found these fab stick man posters (yes on Twinkl – gold).  I printed 4 of them on a page, laminated them and made them into lovely number cards.

I mixed the cards up and Blue started sorting them out in the correct order.

Stick man cards

Once he had finished big sister got out her counters and practiced her counting in 2’s (with a bit of help from little brother of course).

Stick man cards 2The kids also used the stick people that they made last week (see the Stick Man activities post) and practiced counting in 5’s by jumping with their stick people from 5 to 10 etc etc.  This is the type of Maths learning that really seems to work with Pink.  If she can do a hands on activity she tend to remember what she learns.

stick man cards 3Then they got out our lovely snap cubes (affiliate link) and Pink practiced using the cubes to represent the numbers correctly.  Blue actually thought this looked like fun so he also joined in (first time he has done this but he really seemed to get the hang of it very quickly).

stick man cards 4stick man 5If you have a Stick Man fan in your house these number cards are truly great for some fun learning.

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