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Who Owns These Bones

One of the unexpected topics that my kids are totally fascinated by are skeletons.  I must be honest I never found them that interesting but both of mine love examining different skeletons and seeing how they are similar and how … Continue reading

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Explanatorium Nature Book

Last week I was busy looking for birthday presents and I picked up this amazing book and immediately added to my shopping thinking it could be a present for my son. But when I got home and showed it to … Continue reading

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New Resources

I get ridiculously giddy with excitement when we get some new resources (yes I am not joking – lets just call it a side-effect of being a home-educating mom).  I don’t buy all of our resources upfront I tend to … Continue reading

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A Short History of the World review

We enjoy learing about History and although I try to study individual time periods with the kids we often end up discovering other bits of history during our  learning activities and our trips into the museums. For me it is … Continue reading

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Rock Explorer Books

We recently added the Rock Explorer Books to our home library.  There are 4 books in the set – Minerals, Rocks, Gems and Fossils.  I must start this post by admitting something Geography topics are not a strong area of … Continue reading

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Building our collection of Science Books

We are huge supporters of our local library but one of the strategies I have discovered since we started our home education journey is the power of a good selection of permanent books in the house.  My kids will often … Continue reading

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Myth Match Book

My kids have been in a very creative mode lately, they have been inventing all types of new dragons and other creatures so last week when the Myth Match book arrived it was a perfect fit for the current interest.  … Continue reading

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