KS2 Ancient Greece Study book and Activity Book

One of the topics we choose to cover this year was Ancient Greece. And one of the resources (well actually two but they work as a set together) that we have used is this Study Book and Activity book from CGP.

We have used this range before and it worked well (Europe and UK set). In the past I have always read through the study book with the kids and then they have attempted the activity book but this year because my son is older and I was wanting him to do more independent work he actually did the entire thing by himself (he read it, completed the activities and then I just looked at his answers). And it worked really well. The Study book is written in such an easy to read manner that it really can be used as an independent learning resources for older KS2 kids.

The Study book gives the kids a complete overview of the Ancient Greece topic, but there may be instances where you want to take it further – I like to think of it as a solid foundation and we then go and investigate certain things in more detail. The Activity book really is linked to the Study book and you can’t really use it (the activity book) unless you have the study book to refer to. The basic set up is a double page in the Study book equates a double page in the Activity book. They cover the exact same material, follow the order and really do work hand in hand together. (In the pictures below the colour pages are from the study book and the black and white pages are from the activity book)

Okay so what is covered?

That really does cover everything that they need to know about the Ancient Greeks.

I find the study book concise and easy to read, they cover all the main points and use lots of interesting photographs and illustrations to support their points. I consider it a kid-friendly resource. It is engaging and includes lots of facts without getting bogged down in too much detail.

I like using the Activity Book with the Study Book because it just helps to enforces what the kids have just read and the simple act of writing a few points helps them to remember it. My son really enjoys these activity book because there is not too much writing and the writing tends to be in shorter bursts – he is not the kind of kid who would want to sit down and write a page detailing all the facts he has just read, he would rather have shorter, quicker written activities.

I think these book are perfect for home educators and we have enjoyed this Ancient Greeks set.

We bought ours directly from Amazon – Study Book and Activity Book

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