Horrible Histories Book Set

One of the things we have found tough about the lockdowns has been the limited library access. Both my kids are bookworms and although we use eBooks for learning they both find reading stories on a screen a bit exhausting, so for fun, relaxing reading we stick to books. But they both read at a ridiculous pace and at the moment although we can reserve books at our library it is all happening a lot slower, so I have been searching for books to buy. But I like buying book sets and I don’t have excess to cash at the moment so I needed to find a source that could supply book sets at a good price. I searched and stumbled upon a website called Books2Door. And when I looked on their site I immediately found a number of sets that I knew my kids would enjoy and they were well priced (a few that I spotted on my first look were – Roman Mysteries, Warrior Cats, Horrible Geography and Horrible Histories). So I thought it would be good to test them out.

We went with the Horrible History set.

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It is £3.99 postage for orders under £35 and free postage for orders over £35. The order arrived on the day that they said it would and it was in good condition – no complaints about delivery at all. And really £28.99 for 20 different Horrible History books is a good price.

horrible Histories books

The kids were thrilled. They loved the fact that we got the whole set so they could start at the beginning and work their way through in order (which strangely is a new thing with both of them, the never used to worry about reading books in order but lately they really want to stick to the order that the authors write in).

The Horrible Histories set itself is brilliant. My youngest (aged 10) is not a huge History fan like his sister but he does enjoy learning about the stranger things and yes the gross side does fascinate him. So these books have been perfect for him. And he LOVES, really LOVES that they include a “test your teacher” section in each book. He always come up and quizzes me and is thrilled when I don’t get all the answers correct.

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I was not always convinced about the Horrible Histories way of sharing events and characters but with everything going on at the moment, my youngest has really needed a more “entertaining” style of learning. And in all honesty, he just reads and reads these books and he remembers what he has read because it is so fascinating. So really he is actually doing a ridiculous amount of History all by himself and he is also entertaining himself (and entertaining us when he reads out some of the extracts).

I am very impressed with this box set and I am impressed with the price of the books. We will definitely get a few more book sets from Books2Door, the only problem is trying to whittle down which ones to buy.

Admin Bit – I searched the internet and found out about the Books2Door website. After I chatted to the PR contact they kindly sent us some books.

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