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Chalk Pastel Autumn Leaves

A while ago my daughter was given some chalk pastel pencils.  I immediately loved them but my daughter initially struggled a bit as they smudge and she has a tendency to drag her hands over her pictures while she is … Continue reading

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Hedgehog crafty fun with a template

There is something about Autumn that makes you think of hedgehog and Squirrel crafts and since we have done a few squirrel crafts we thought we would have a go at some hedgehogs.  Everyone has been feeling a bit tired … Continue reading

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Autumn Sand Art Leaves

One of the side-effects of being a home-educating mom is I tend to hoard anything that I think we might use in crafts or some kind of learning activity (old boxes, glass jars, left over stickers from half-finished mosaics, toilet … Continue reading

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Templates and Paint Dabbers

  When we find something that both kids enjoy doing we seem to do it over and over again.  The simple templates have been such a hit with the kids.  After doing the People template more times that I can … Continue reading

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Tissue paper pictures with trees

It is no secret my kids enjoy using tissue paper with their art.  We have used it in a number of different projects and in a number of different ways and it has always been a hit. I have been … Continue reading

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Water colouring paintings using felt tip pens or marker pens

I do not know where my daughter got this idea from but I think it is great.  We have been doing a lot of water-colour painting lately but today my daughter used her felt tip pens (marker pens / Kokies) … Continue reading

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Encouraging my little book worm with Autumn words

My little girl has always loved books, she has always loved story time and would often just sit and page through her books and make up her own story to go with them.  But the last few weeks her reading … Continue reading

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