Chalk Pastel Autumn Leaves

A while ago my daughter was given some chalk pastel pencils.  I immediately loved them but my daughter initially struggled a bit as they smudge and she has a tendency to drag her hands over her pictures while she is working.  But from the very beginning she commented that they were brilliant for blending colours together and she liked the feeling of using them.

Then over the weekend we decided to try to create some autumn leaves.  To begin with she tried using her oil pastels.  But she did not get the result that she wanted (I think I might need to get her a better quality set).

Oak leaf created using oil pastels

So I suggested another go at her chalk pastels (STABILO CarbOthello Metal Box of 24 colours – Chalk-pastel coloured pencil).  We first spoke about how she could use them, the colours, where the darker shades should go and then she went for it.

Using her chalk pastels to create some Autumn leaves

She was a lot better at keeping her hands lifted and not letting them drag over the picture and she also rotated her pictures as she coloured in.  The more she practiced the more she managed to blend her colours together.

working on her autumn leaf pictures using her chalk pastels

She did picture after picture.

Autumn Leaves created using STABILO chalk pastels

chalk pastel pictures created using Activity Village stencils and STABILO chalk pastels

So the practical side of the pictures – we used coloured paper and card (found the coloured card was better than the paper) and she used templates to create the pictures.

Drawing a leaf picture using templates from Activity Village

The templates are these ones (all from Activity Village) – Acorns, Oak leaf, leaf template.

I love these chalk pastels, I really do and my ten-year old is now enjoying using them and experimenting with the different effects she can get but I would say they are better suited for a slightly older child or a more confident arty kid.

STABILO Carbothello pencils. Chalk pastel pencils

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Autumn Leaves the perfect blending colour art activity for children

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  1. Camie says:

    We have chalk pastels but not in pencil form. I like the idea of the pencil. Your daughter did lovely artwork.

    Liked by 1 person

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