Tissue paper pictures with trees

It is no secret my kids enjoy using tissue paper with their art.  We have used it in a number of different projects and in a number of different ways and it has always been a hit.

I have been trying to encourage my daughter to practice her drawing and my son to practice using his scissors so I thought it might be fun if we used the tissue paper as a background for their drawing / cuttings.  I was thinking of doing a background where the kids used green tissue paper for grass and some blue tissue paper for the sky and then we glue our pictures on top. My idea being possibly a garden scene or a house,  that was the original idea.  But my kids had a more abstract art idea in mind.

These are two of their backgrounds.

Patchword tissue paper backgroundI call it patchwork tissue paper.

My daughter cut out three trees and a few hearts and played around a bit with which picture to place on which background.  She tried a heart on the red background but informed me that she is going to do another one tomorrow with pinks and purples and put the heart on that one (apparently the picture is for her cousins and they like pink and purple hence the change).  I did manage to snap a quick picture of what the heart would looked like on the red background before she changed her mind.

Heart on autumn tissue paper colour backgroundShe told me the red, orange and yellow reminded her of autumn so she would rather put a tree on top.

Autumn tree using tissue paper for the background and a basic tree template on ofamilyblog

After seeing it I have to admit I do agree with her.  I think it makes a great autumn picture.

My youngest who is obsessed with the colour blue made himself a blue background and he wanted to be just like big sister so he also added a tree on his.

Tree template on a blue tissue paper patchword backgroundI actually love this and it makes me think of winter.  In fact I think this idea would be great to do for all four seasons.  You could use a tree stencil for all seasons and just change the background tissue paper colours.  So Autumn would be red, orange, yellow, maybe some brown if you had any.  Winter would be blues, maybe some purple, possibly grey.  Spring could be pastel shades, light pink, peachy and Summer could be bright green.

Unfortunately I do not have a pastel background but I do have a green background that my daughter made so this could be what it would look like with a tree on top.

Green tissue paper tree, possibly a summer treeHave to admit I think the kids idea of the patchwork tissue paper probably worked out better than my idea of the glue and green background.

Tissue paper and trees on ofamilyblogTissue paper tree pictures could be a great 4 season craft activity for young kids to do


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