Hedgehog crafty fun with a template

There is something about Autumn that makes you think of hedgehog and Squirrel crafts and since we have done a few squirrel crafts we thought we would have a go at some hedgehogs.  Everyone has been feeling a bit tired so we decided to stick with a template.  We  used the Activity Village Hedgehog colouring page as our template – I purposely choose this as the template as the kids have been using the Learn How to Draw pages over the last few days and the hedgehog in the drawing pages is the same as the hedgehog in the colouring page so I thought the consistency would be a good thing.

We tried 2 different versions.  First we had some fun creating a Sand Art hedgehog.  We just used normal Pritt for this and our Coloured Sand bottles (my kids find it easier to pour the sand out of the bottles into smaller plastic cups so they can better control the amount of sand they apply to their pictures).

Adding coloured sand to a colouring page from Activity Village to turn it into Sand Art

After we had finished our hedgehogs the kids commented that the eyes looked a bit strange (they were hidden under the sand).

Autumn Craft. Sand Art Hedgehog made using a colouring page from Activity Village

So we tried adding some googly eyes that we had.

A Sand Art Hedgehog made using an Activity Village colouring page, coloured sand and glue

We also had made more multi-coloured hedgehogs.

Multicoloured Sand Art Hedgehog. A fun and easy Autumn craft for children you love cut animals

(Sand Art Tip – use trays to keep the coloured sand off your floors)

And we had a go at making a coloured paper hedgehog.  The kids cut out a strip of grass to go at the hedgehogs feet and  realized that the snippets of paper that we had cut out were triangular in shape and wondered if they could add it to the hedgehog as it’s prickles.  So we cut some more “grassy strips” in orange and yellow and then glued the off-cuts onto the hedgehogs body.

Add cut-off bits of coloured paper to the colouring page to get a crafty hedgehog

I must admit I really like the effect the paper gives the hedgehog (on this one my daughter used her oil pastels to add in the background).

Hedgehog paper craft for children using coloured paper and the Activity Village hedeghog colouring page

I Love our little hedgehogs.

Cute, easy hedgehogs for children to make using a colouring page from Activity Village as the template








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  1. Camie says:

    These are adorable! I like the different mediums used.


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