STABILO Woody Pencils perfect for younger hands

With lots of kids at home at the moment I have been asked a number of times about resources that we used when the kids were younger.  And I always end up recommending these pencils to everyone with younger kids.  They are brilliant and there are so many fun ways that the kids can use them that they really became one of my favourite items for younger kids – it’s the Multi Talented Pencil – STABILO Woody 3 In 1 Wallet of 10 Assorted Colours + Sharpener, EO880/10-1-20

We first started using them when my daughter was around 4 and was really struggling with colouring in and was just not wanting to do any at all.  She struggled with pencil pressure and found other pencils and crayons uncomfortable.  As soon as she tried the Woody 3 in 1 pencils she loved them.  She found the pencils easy to hold, the right size for her hands and for the first time she did not struggle with pencil pressure and was able to get colourful pictures.  She used them for years and she even learnt how to write her letters using these pencils.  In fact both my kids used these pencils as their first writing pencils.

using the Twinkl building block number cards to work out greater than and less than

The Woody 3-in-1 pencils are thick pencils (perfect for smaller hands) with a soft lead and like the name suggests the kids can use them for a multiple of activities.

STABILO 3-in-1 pencils

Just add some water and they become watercolour pencils. The kids can play around and they can create pictures where sections are coloured in normally and where sections have the watercolour effect.

You can use them to draw on glass – yip that is right – they just wipe off. We have used ours to create all kinds of art work on our windows and sliding doors.

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And my kids have even used them to practice some Maths (because writing Maths on the sliding doors is just a LOT more fun than using a workbook).

Maths on our sliding doors using our STABILO 3-in-1 pencils. A fun way for the kids to practice maths at home

And they work on laminated pages (or Write and Wipe pockets). We used ours to turn play dough mats into drawing mats and they were perfect for tracing letters and practicing Maths.

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I LOVE these pencils! Really one of the best items I bought my kiddies.

STABILO Woody 3-in-1 pencils

For those of you interested the links for the different worksheets shown in the photos above are as follows:

Maths building block cards (from Twinkl)

Scarecrow colouring page (Activity Village)

The Arithmagon maths page (Activity Village)

Playdough mat (Twinkl)

Number Tracing page (Twinkl)

The Write and Wipe pockets are ones that we used for many years they are these ones – Learning Resources Wipe Clean Pockets

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