Time Hunters. Fun adventure stories with a bit of History

I have mentioned a few times that my youngest is NOT as big a history fan as his older sister but he does like reading and I discovered with the How to Train Your Dragon books – if I find a good story with some adventure and just a bit of history thrown in he will devour the books. So I bought the Time Hunters series. He LOVES them, really LOVES them. He loves the whole adventure angle and without even realizing he is absorbing a bit of History.

The first 10 of the Time Hunters series. written by Chris Blake

The stories follow Tom (a normal boy whose father works in a museum) and Isis (she is an Egyptian princess who was trapped in a statue after she failed to pass one of the tests on her journey to the Afterlife). They have to travel back in time to find some missing amulets so that Isis and her Chloe, pet cat can succeed on their trip to the Afterlife. And that is one of the reasons I like these books – straight away in the beginning of the very first book he was reading about Ancient Egyptian beliefs. And what he has been reading really sticks. We were watching something on the Vikings the other day and he chirped up – in the book Anubis said…………….. about the Vikings and they did …………………..” So yes it is all going in.

an inside page from one of the Time Hunters book by Chris Blake

When Tom, Isis and Chloe travel back in time they end up in the thick of some historical event, which normally has a few twists in it but nothing very scary. And the adventures all include  historical items – like clothing that they would be wearing, weapons, possibly food they eat, where they sleep – all expertly woven into the adventure, so much so that the kids don’t even realize how much they are learning.

And at the back of the books they include some Historical fact pages – pages about the characters mentioned, the timeline of that period and even the whole timeline of the entire series. My son, without me even explaining any of this is now totally confident in the order that these events occurred.

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He loves these stories (and I must admit I can see why they appeal to him).

an extract from Time Hunters Knight Quest book written by Chris Blake

And I am thrilled that he has found another series which encourages him to read and also manages to teach him a bit along the way. (In case anyone is wondering my son is currently 8 – I would say these books are for reading ages 7 and over).

Both my son and I highly recommend these books.

Harper Collins Time Hunter Series. Fun reading with historical references

I bought the first 10 of these books in a set from the Bookpeople – which have now shut down but you can buy them directly from Amazon Gladiator Clash (Time Hunters, Book 1)

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