Feel the Force Book

I mentioned last year that I am actively looking for good Science books to add to our bookcase but over the weekend when we were reorganising the kids area and I was packing and repacking the books my son spotted our Super Science: Feel the Force and started reading it again.  His renewed interest in the book made me realize that I never wrote a post about it even though we have had the book for about 18 months.  So here goes.

Feel the Force. A super Science Pop-Up Physics book for kids by Tom Adams and Thomas Flintham

It is an introduction to physics book with lots of colourful flaps, small fold out sections, experiment ideas and interesting bite-sized information but it is NOT detailed so don’t expect that. Think introducing concepts and encouraging discussions.

It starts with explaining what Physics cover with a “flap Flower of Physics” – that is what my kids call it. Then each double page after that covers a new concept.

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Forcing It – Push and pull, including gravity and how to effects everyday life.

Feel the Force, Super Science Pop Up Physics book. All about forces

Feel the Friction – covers reducing friction, friction in action, air resistance, simple machines.

Bobbing Along – all about floating and sinking, including how salt affects the water

Under Pressure – my son loves this page purely because it compares the effect of sitting on a pin to someone lying on a bed of nails.

Super Science Feel the Force Book. Under presuure using a bed of nails as an example

Sounds Great – again a popular page with my son he loved reading about sound wobbles and using the sound machine included in the middle of the page.

Super Science Feel the Force book. Includes a sound machine

Shine a Light – Light, colour, shadows, including a but about the colour spectrum.

When Sparks Fly – atoms, electricity – and a brilliant pop up picture of Frankenstein

Super Science Feel the Force, atoms and electrictity

Magnetism – natural magnets, electromagnets, microphones.

We have found this book a great addition to our home bookcase for the simple reason that whenever the kids read a page or two they always come to us with more questions and it opens up further reading and discussion.

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  1. Camie says:

    What a fun, colorful, interactive book!

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