Night Zookeeper. The Penguins of Igloo City

Last year my son read the first two Night Zookeeper books (The Giraffes of the Whispering Woods and The Lioness of Fire Desert) and loved them. He enjoyed the whole idea of the Night Zookeeper – a young boy who has to protect the Night Zoo – a world where animals talk and do unusual activities, like fly aeroplanes. It really sparked his imagination.  So we were thrilled when Oxford University Press sent him the third book in the series – Night Zookeeper: The Penguins of Igloo City.

Night Zookeeper. penguins of Igloo City by Joshua Davidson

The third book is written in the same style as the first two.  Will, Riya and Sam the spying giraffe enter a new area of the Night Zoo so that they can help another set of animals (the penguins).  Again they go on an adventure but it is never too scary (nothing that would cause nightmares) and in the process they discover that the so-called “bad character” is NOT actually a bad person at all but someone who is trying to help – love the little life lessons that come through these stories.

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My son espically enjoyed the new character Eek – a mouse who has a very strong will even though he was physically smaller than the other animals.

My son’s one complaint was that the story was over too quickly for his liking (it is 149 pages). He was desperate to continue reading about the next adventure that Will and his friends were going on. (There is a fourth book planned).

reading Night Zookeeper penguins of Igloo City Book written by Joshua Davidson

One of the other bonuses about this new book is it sparked a renewed interest in the website.  I must admit that with the Christmas holidays, visitors and then a bunch of winter bugs and other things happening in January we had not logged onto the website for quite some time.  But after reading the latest story he was very keen to log back on and asked me to choose a some new lessons for him.  And I must admit that when I did log back in to select some lessons I was very impressed to see some great looking new content on the website.  I ended up selecting a number of lessons for him to try and he has already made a start.

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To mention the way we use the website is I log on and send lessons to the kids and then I leave them to select which lessons they want to do in whatever order.  Although the lessons do give you a suggested school year as an indication I tend to select the lessons based on the topic.

As I mentioned above Oxford University Press send us a copy of the book but I  paid for access to the website myself.

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