Twinkl Go

As Part of our Twinkl membership we were given access to the Twinkl Go activities and I must say the kids and I have been enjoying them.

Twinkl Go is a digital platform, so it is all paperless and can be used by the kids on a computer or device

Twinkl Go is split into  5 sections – Explore, Listen, Play, Watch and Learn.

  • Explore = lots of screens with explanation points so the kids can select and read for themselves. (My favourite section of Twinkl Go)
Twinkl Go Endangered animal hotpoint screen

When you click on the plus sign a description / explanation comes up

  • Listen = audio books. We have not really used this section yet.
  • Play = Learning games Maths and English.  We have found that the play section is more suited to my seven-year old than my ten-year old.  The games are designed to reinforce Maths facts like number bonds, halving, doubling and times tables and English concepts like rhyming, contractions etc.  We tend to use the games as revision activities for my youngest.
Twinkl Go. English game the kids need to place the food in the correct tense bowl

An English Game where the kids place the food in the correct bowl

  • Watch = Videos explaining concepts.  Some interesting and very useful videos.
  • Teach = lesson suggestions.

So why do we like this newish section ? – It is proving to be a fun, relaxed way for us to extend and reinforce some of the kids learning.  And some of the videos, even though they may be short have actually inspired some of our learning activities.

How do we use it ? At the moment we have really used the Explore, Play and Watch sections.

Twinkl Go - using the interactive screens as a way to test her knowledge

My daughter really likes the explore section.  She sits and selects topics then reads and learns by herself.  She enjoys the clickable hotspots that reveal facts, the screens where you drag and drop answers and she has even pointed out a fun animal spelling activity to her younger brother.

Twinkl Go. Endangered animal spelling quiz

She is finding this an independent source of learning.  I really don’t need to be that involved except really as the person that she comes to, to tell, what she has just learnt.

I am finding it a useful home education tool.  Over the summer my daughter discovered the Plants Interactive eBook and afterwards we ended up searching Twinkl and printed out a bunch of other pages, worksheets and activities for her to work on. (When you select a screen / activity on Twinkl Go, if you scroll down to bottom of the screen it normally provides you with links to related resources which you can print out.)

Twinkl Go. Parts of a Flower Interactive eBook

Now the pricing.  Twinkl Go is currently included in the Ultimate package but if you have Core or Extra you can add it on for an extra £2 a month (Please note Twinkl do change their subscription packages and pricing for time to time – the pricing mentioned is correct at time of writing this post).

For us Twinkl Go is proving to be a great additional learning resource.  Something that I can really “let the kids loose on” and let them find new and interesting topics which often lead to extended reading and learning.

You might also enjoy this post about one of the Twinkl animation clips – Roman Soldier

This is NOT a sponsored post it is just me writing about a resource that my kids have been using.


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  1. Julia Goss says:

    Looks fun ! always wish there were more things for older kids !


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