Rabbit & Bear a funny book for young readers

My son recently borrowed a book called Rabbit & Bear from our local library.  He loves animal stories so it seemed like a good fit for him.

Rabbit and Bear Attack of the Snack by Julian Gough and Jim Field. A funny early reading book

And when he started reading it to his dad, the laughter started.  Big laughter.

The characters in the story are super cute and their little personalities really come through in the story.  But it is the humour that completely won my son – typical little boy humour – they talk about farts and blackberry pooh (yes blackberry) –  so if that is not your thing then this is not the book for you.  But if you have a little guy in the house and you want him to enjoy reading and you want him to laugh out loud while he is reading, this book is really worth a try.

Rabbit & Bear Attack of the Snack. Laugh out loud early reader

My son read it to his dad then he corned his older sister and read it to her (and yes she laughed out loud as well and then congratulated him on reading so well).  He has also read it to himself and to me.

reading Rabbit and Bear Attack of the Snack

The other wonderful thing about this story is that it deals with friendships and different personalities in a fun way and is a great way of talking to kids about how people have differences but can still be good friends – something my son actually pointed out to me.

The story is 101 pages long and is aimed at 6 to 8 year olds.  We used it as reading practice for our seven-year old but I also think it would be a fun read aloud book.  There are apparently 4 books in the series and we are definitely going to reserve the other’s at out library.

This is not a sponsored post in shape or form.  My son selected this book from the library and it has been such a hit in our house (including parents) that I really just wanted to write a post about it and it mention that other young readers might find it laugh out loud enjoyable.

As far as encouraging my seven-year old to love reading this gets a big 5 stars.

Rabbit & Bear Attack of the Snack. An owl. Such a fun reader for beginners

From what I can tell these are four books in this little series –

Book 1 – Rabbit & Bear.  Rabbit’s Bad Habbits

Book 2 – Rabbit & Bear. The Pest in the Nest

Book 3 Attack of the Snack: Book 3 (Rabbit and Bear) (this is the one we have read)

Book 4 – Rabbit & Bear A Bite in the Night

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  1. Camie says:

    Sounds like a really fun book!

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