Animated clip of a Roman Soldier by Twinkl

Both kids really enjoyed learning about the Romans so when I heard that Twinkl had made a short animated clip about a Roman Legionary I immediately downloaded and showed the kids.  They thought it was great (the clip is about 2.5 minutes) and asked to watch the clip again and then asked if there were more clips.  They really wanted to see more clips of soldiers in different time periods.  Unfortunately this is currently the only animated clip from Twinkl (they are busy working on more – we can’t wait to see what else they come up with).  Here is a link  – Roman Soldier Activity Pack and Animation.

Roman soldier animated clip made by Twinkl resources part of their platinum resources

Roman soldier animated clip made by Twinkl resources as part of their educational Roman resources

The clip is about a legionary named Antonius who talks about his life in the Roman army.  Antonius shows you around his accommodation and opens his cupboard to show you the clothing that they wore (the first time we watched the clip my youngest found his arm movements a bit strange but after the second viewing he did not seem to notice the movement that much). My youngest was struck by how hard their life was and thought it was not fair that they had to do so much and still go fight and possibly get killed.

Twinkl have also made some worksheets to go with the animated clip. (What I especially like about the worksheets it they have different versions which is perfect for kids working at different levels or different aged siblings who are learning the same topic – very big plus in our house.)

Take the Label the Soldier page as an example.  My youngest attempted a cut and paste version while his sister tried a written version, slightly harder but the images were the same so the kids felt like they were working together.

working on the activity pack after watching the short animated Roman soldier clip from Twinkl


Label a Roman soldier activity created by Twinkl to support their Roman soldier animated clip

They also have a More Recruits needed activity and a Day in the Life of a Legionary activity (again each activity comes with different versions).

Writing a Diary entry after watching the Roman soldier animated clip from Twinkl

The pages they have created are perfect for the clip but if you do watch the clip I would highly recommend searching through the other Roman resources on the website as they have a bunch.  And although the other pages have not been designed especially for the clip and can easily be used as a way of extending the topic after watching the clip.

We are definitely fans of Twinkl’s new animated clip and are looking forward to seeing what else they come up with.

Roman Soldier animated clip and activities from Twinkl. Brilliant historical resources for Ancient Roman unit







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  1. another mom says:

    What a beautiful and insightful way to learn history…well done and worth the research.


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