Why we have been using so many Activity Village pages

Activity Village have added a lot of new and interesting pages since I wrote my last general Activity Village pages post about 18 months ago.  And I feel like they are adding more and more content which is making them more and more valuable as a home education resource (plus their membership deal is a good price (£15).  So for those of you who do not use the site a lot or are not sure what they offer for home educators I am going to point out a few of the areas that we have been using a lot this past year. (This post is not sponsored in any way it is just me writing about a resource that I have been using a lot this past year / 18 months)

They have created a whole new Numeracy section and are growing it step by step.  Starting with basic number recognition and it is going to end up going all the way through to Maths for Year 6.  It is the Maths Stage by Stage.  If you are new to home education, have younger kids and are wondering what you need to do and possibly in what order you would like to introduce Maths this Maths Stage by Stage gives lots of great ideas.  They start from basic numeracy ideas like one to one correspondence and progress step by step up to Addition and Subtraction to 20 (for now – like I said that are always adding to this).   They also include lots of resources using 10 frames or base 10 which I used a lot with my kids.

So some of the Key areas which you might want to look at – Ordinal Numbers, Number bonds, Fact families, Numbers up to Twenty.

Colourful addition pages from Activity Village

With each section they include a brief explanation and suggestions on how to introduce the topic and lots of different worksheets.

I think this Maths Stage by Stage is an absolute gem for new home educators who are nervous about Maths. And not included in their Maths Stage by Stage section but a Maths section we have been using a lot lately – their Times Table resources. (They have posters, worksheets and multiplication games).

Activity Village Times Table Worksheets

But Maths is not the only things you get in your membership.  You also get Lots and Lots of English resources – starting with basic alphabet resources for younger kids,

Some of the different Alphabet pages from Activity Village

handwriting pages – lots of tracing over words in all different kinds of formats, labelling worksheets,

Activity Village label the farm worksheet

vocabulary cards (which we love using for spelling) and High Frequency word printouts (we used some of their bookmarks with our stories when the kids were still learning to recognise basic words – High Frequency Bookmark Post).

One of my favourite and most used English sections are their Story pages (Love that they have normal lined and handwriting versions – handwriting versions have a middle dotted line to help kids with the height of their small letters).

And don’t forget about the Word Searches and Crosswords and Word Sudoku.

Activity Village Word Sudoku

One of the sections that we have not used a lot but which looks so useful is their Geography section – Lots and Lots of Maps and a really handy My Country Study 4 page document which would be great for kids to use to summarize all the facts that had learnt about a country.

For History we have actually used their Famous people section quite often.  My daughter in particular loves reading up about Historical figures and then afterwards we always have a look to see if that person is included on their database and print off one or two goodies to use (examples of the kind of things you can find here are included in these two posts – Guy Fawkes and Christopher Columbus).  We also recently used a lot of the Egyptian pages (Tutankhamun post)

Activity Village the gunpowder plot comprehension pages

And Science themes – they have some Human Body posters (Including ones where the kids need to fill in the labels themselves, lots of fun animal pages and some seasonal pages. (our version of a seasonal tree).

activity village 4 season tree

It really is worth spending some time looking at their Teacher section to see what they have on the site.  But don’t forget all those puzzles and the massive range of pages to inspire Art – we LOVE using their templates for art activities.

As I mentioned in the beginning this is NOT a sponsored post in any shape or form.  We started using Activity Village when we started home education but over the last 18 months I have been using their site more and more.  They really have been working hard at increasing the number of printouts on their site and I think they have done an amazing job.  There are only two of them so I am constantly amazed at how much they add each week.  And I have only ever found 1 error on a page (if you ever do find an error or a link is not working just email them they are super helpful and will fix it).

Why we use so many Activity Village pages in our home education (homeschooling)



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  1. another mom says:

    Just love how you incorporate craft work into your subject learning….well done….and the children are happy to co-operate.


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