Guy Fawkes Activity Village Pages

We have never really done many Guy Fawkes activities in the past so this year I decided it was time for both the kids and myself to learn about Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder plot. A couple of our history themed books mentioned it so we went back to those sections and reread the relevant parts and then I spotted that Activity Village had published a bunch of new pages so we were set.

I started by downloading the Gunpowder Fact Sheet for the kids (both my kids like to be able to reread what we have discussed).  It is 2 pages long and is a good summary of the events.

The Gunpowder Plot Fact Sheet from Activity Village. A 2 page summary of the main characters and events

I also downloaded their comprehension pages for my daughter to have a go at (nice way of reinforcing what we had read together).

Activity Village the gunpowder plot comprehension pages

And my youngest tried the Guy Fawkes Cloze page. He is not quite at the comprehension stage yet but he likes to be able to do a similar type page where he has to answer questions about the people or events that we have read so this really suited him well. (My son’s handwriting is fairly large but I believe Activity Village are going to make the spaces a bit bigger).

Guy Fawks Cloze from Activity Village

And of course with my two if there is a word search for a topic we just have to  print it out.

Activity Village Guy Fawks Word Search

They really liked the Gunpowder Plot one just because it was a slightly different version to the standard word searches that they normally do.  You need to search the page for the word gunpowder (seriously this is such a brilliant way of working on spelling – because they keep having to search for the same word over and over again – on my list to see if I can find other pages like this).

Activity Village Tticky Gunpowder Plot word search

And the kids also did a combined effort for the gunpowder plot word creator page.  I loved this one.  Because they both really though about different words they could create using the letters.  Talk about spelling and vocabulary extension especially for my youngest.

The Gunpowder Plot word creator page from Activity village. How many other word you can think of with the letters from gunpowder plot

We were actually planning on using the Guy Fawkes template to create our own Guy Fawkes but I must be honest we ended up spending a lot longer talking about what happened and why their was such a big divide between the churches and what treason meant and why would people fight and kill each other over something like going to a different church that we never actually got around to doing our craft (we needed to go out).  But maybe this weekend we might have a go at making our own Guy Fawkes.

Activity Village have a lot of other great pages all on Guy Fawkes so if you are looking for something it is worth having a look.

All pages mentioned above are part of Activity Village’s membership deal








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