Teachit Primary Resources

One of the websites I have recently been using is the Teachit Primary website.  It is still a fairly new website for me but I am enjoying the range of worksheets.  They have a Free account which allows you to download the PDF documents and they have a paid for version – I currently have a FREE account so I am going to share a few links for some of the Maths and English pages that I have found.

There is a LOT on this website (including a Science section which I have not looked at yet) and I have only recently started using them so this is just a taster of what they have but it should give you some idea.


At this stage we have used some of the Grammar pages with my youngest like the Full Stop Thief page

Teachit Primary website. Free to download the Full Stop thief page

and the Question Words page

Teachit Primary Website. Free to download the Question Word page

I also liked the different homophone word pages (always useful to make sure the kids know the difference).  They have a few different pages for homophones.  The search function at the top of the page works quite well if you input key words like homophones you end up with a nice list of activities.  The search function does bring back the free resources (always PDF docs) and the paid resources but I did not struggle with this. You just need to make sure the link has a circle at the bottom with PDF in it before you click on the link.  This means you don’t end up clicking on link after link looking for free pages.

here, hear, there, their

Teachit primary Website. Homophone page. There and their. Free to download

And a verbs – when I searched for verb tenses I found 64 different resources.  One example is this Verb tense pageTeachit primary Website. Free to download Verb Tense page


We do lots of maths practice, so I am always looking for different pages to use with the kids.  My daughter likes these maths pages because they are not cluttered and she also likes the way the have grouped activities into tables – eg the +1,+10,+100, +1000 page

Teachit primary website. Free to download Add 1, 10, 100, 1000

And the way they use colour suits her (not all pages are colour quite a few are black and white), but the colour is not overpowering.  An example is the decimal ordering page.

Teachit primary Website. Free to download Comparing Decimals page

Other pages we have used

Pyramid Addition

Teachit primary website. Pyramid addition maths free to download

Multiplying and Dividing by 10 and 100

Teachit primary website. Multiplying and dividing by 10 and 100

If you have not already had a look at the Teachit primary website I highly recommend you go and have a look.

  • This post has nothing to do with the Teachit Primary website.  This is just me mentioning a resource that I have recently starting using because I think other home educators might find it a useful website.

Teachit Primary Website. Lots of free to download English and Maths pages

Teachit Primary Resources Website.  Lots of FREE to download Maths and English pages.


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    Love this…..something different and an interesting read.


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