Egyptian Workshop and Hieroglyphs

At the beginning of the year I booked the kids into two history workshops at the British Museum.  We went to our first workshop this week and it was brilliant.  I honestly had no idea what to expect but at only £2 a kid I thought it was worth a try.  The presenter was friendly and chatted to the kids, answering all their questions, even when the kids went on a bit of a tangent.  She had set up a lovely short talk, with maps and pictures, she engaged the kids with an activity and even had them posing in front of a green screen so they could create their own version of a tomb painting.  I was really impressed that the British museum have created workshops for Home educated kids and that they clearly went to a lot of effort to make it informative and engaging.

Since we were at the museum for the workshop the kids and I also walked around the Egyptian section.  We have been before but their Egyptian rooms are really worth a visit and it was nice going back the second time as now we knew a bit more about the mummification process and hieroglyphs.

British Museum, Egyptian Display an example of Egyptian painting and hieroglyphs

I knew we were going to be out for a long day and that it would probably be busy and noisy so I made sure I had an activity packed in my bag.  One of the things I have learnt is when we are out in a busy, noisy environment it helps to give the kids a break and let them focus on something else.  We found a nice quite corner in the museum and both kids had a go at writing in hieroglyphs.

Practicing writing hieroglyphs while visiting the British Museum

Both of my kids love the idea of writing in code or in different languages so I knew something like this would be a welcome break for them.  I downloaded the Egyptian Hieroglyphs page from Twinkl (it is part of their paid for Classic package) but they also have a FREE version – Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs.

Egyptian Hieroglyphs. Fun Egyptian activity for young kids to do when they are learning about Ancient Egypt

The Hieroglyphs was such a hit with my two that they have been writing out more words and phrases at home and I now have a few scrolls with hieroglyphs on them (yes scrolls – my youngest insists that if you write anything in an Ancient format it MUST be in a scroll format).

My kids also liked the Ancient Egyptian fact posters (Twinkl Classic).  They are a nice summary of key events and facts.

Ancient Egyptian Fact Poster from Twinkl resources

Ancient Egyptian Fact poster from Twinkl Resources

You might also be interested in these Egyptian pages from Twinkl Egyptian writing pages (Free to download), the Design a Sarcophagus (Paid for Classic) and the Egyptian Clothing and Food poster (Classic).

Both the kids and I are already looking forward to our next British Museum workshop and history theme – Ancient Greece (I will write a another post on our favourite Egyptian book before we get into the Greece activities).

Ancient Egyptian Resources from Twinkl Resources


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