Free Twinkl Playdough Mats

I have written a few posts on the free Twinkl pages that the kids use and I know a number of parents have found these helpful so today I am doing one on the Twinkl playdough mats.  They have a large range of playdough mats and the mats are split between their different packages – free, gold, platinum.  If you have never used the Twinkl free pages before all you need to do is register a free account and you will be able to download their free pages.

So ALL the links in today’s post will all be for FREE Twinkl playdough mats (there are a lot more free mats on their website but these are the ones that we have been using).  Hopefully a few readers will find a couple of useful links.

Free Gruffalo playdough mats from Twinkl

The Gruffalo playdough mats are probably one of my son’s favourites (Adjustment – I have been informed that Twinkl have been asked to remove all Gruffalo resources).  He loves the characters in the story and always has fun creating his own versions.  We use our Gruffalo mats inside our Learning Resources Write and Wipe pockets.

Twinkl gruffalo playdough mats inside Learning REsources Write and wipe pockets

Gruffalo play dough mats

And I think his second favourite set are the transport set.  I started using these with him last year when I wanted to distract him so I could do reading with his sister and he still enjoys  doing these ones.

Helicopter playdough mat part of the transport playdough mat set

My daughter likes using the playdough mats with her STABILO 3-in-1  pencils. (They wipe off laminated sheets and the Learning Resources Write and Wipe pockets).  She uses them on her Division playdough mats all the time.

Using STABILO 3-in-1 pencils with the Write and Wipe pockets on ofamilyblog

And she is trying to get her brother to use them on his number word playdough mats.

Number word playdough mats from Twinkl using STABILO 3-in-1 pencils

The kids also really like the African animal set and the Dinosaur set.  Both kids seem to use their pencils on these two sets, not sure why but some playdough mats get used almost exclusively with their pencils.

Dinosaur and African animal playdough mats

Our newest batch of playdough mats which I recently downloaded are these Castle ones.  The kids have been reading a number of castle related books lately so I have a feeling that they might enjoy having a go at these.

Castle play dough mats from Twinkl inside the write and wipe pockets

If you have kids who love Minibeast they have a lovely free Minibest set and they also have this earthworm set on longest and shortest (on my list to print next week once I get more ink).

The Learning Resources Write and Wipe pockets that we use are here – Write and wipe pockets.   And the the STABILO 3-in-1 pencils which we use on our laminating sleeves and on our Write and wipe pockets are here – STABILO 3-in-1.  (both affiliate links).

And you might be interested in a post I did last year on some of the free Christmas pages from Twinkl.

Links for Free playdough mats for young children, includes gruffalo, transport theme, knights and castles, numbered playdough mats


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