Extending our 3D shape activities into drawing

Over the last month the kids have been using their Dive into Shapes set a lot. Playing around with 3D shapes, adding shapes together to create new shapes and making some very unusual creative designs (ie mom talk for some strange shape building).   So I thought it might be fun to show the kids how to draw the 3D shapes and help them recreate some of the shapes onto paper.

We started off by creating each shape using the rods and connectors from our Dive Into Shapes set.

Helping kids to draw 3D shapes, first they build the shape using their Dive Into Shapes set

Then we would chat about what 2D shapes they could see inside the 3D shape – are there squares, triangles, rectangles etc and how are they combined – straight lines or curved lines.  And then we just started drawing and talking about why their different attempts were not quite working and how we could “fix them”.

Practicing drawing a Rectangular Prism using our Dive Into Shapes cards

To help my youngest I did get some graph paper out and we practice drawing the shapes using different colours – so all the vertical lines were red and all the horizontal lines were blue.

3D shape drawing using graph paper to coloured lines to help the kids get the direction of the lines correct

It seemed to help and after doing a few of these colourful practice shapes he was quite able to create them by himself.

Drawing 3D shapes with the help of our Dive Into Shapes set

And after just a little bit of practice they started using their 3D shapes to create objects

3D shape drawing for kids. Using the shape cards from Dive Into Shapes to create dimensional houses

And yes not all the lines are quite right yet but after just a short drawing session they were both creating 3D shapes with ease and experimenting with ways of using them.

I am a firm believer that when the kids get to play around by building shapes they start to understand how the angles and lines fit together and I do believe that the more they understand the way the shapes are formed the more they will be able to translate that understanding into their drawings.

Drawing 3D shapes using the Dive Into Shapes cards

Drawing 3 dimensional shapes with the helpd of their Learning Resources Dive into Shapes set.  Great drawing activity for children






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1 Response to Extending our 3D shape activities into drawing

  1. another mom says:

    Very impressed with this art lesson….they will start to look at the world differently. Objects far away are smaller etc. Well done.


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