Dive Into Shapes

I have been eyeing out the Learning Resources Dive into Shapes set for some time.  I wanted to find a hands on, fun way for the kids to explore shapes both 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional and I kept coming back to this set.  So when Learning Resources approached me and asked if I wanted to test it out I immediately jumped at the opportunity (I possibly may have even squealed yes out loud when I read the email).

The set arrived at the absolute perfect time, my oldest was not feeling well and we were staying at home and getting slightly bored.  Both kids immediately started building shapes and objects without even looking at the cards.

Dive Into Shapes by Learning Resources. A fun set which allows the children to build many different 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional shapes and objects

The set comes with a combination of sticks (16 long straight sticks, 24 Medium long sticks, 20 small straight sticks and 20 curves) as well as round connectors (16 orange and 18 red).  And 15 double-sided cards – the cards are split into different activities – 2 dimensional shapes, 3 dimensional shapes, combining shapes and equal parts (ie basic fractions).

After spending the whole first day just doing their own “creations” the kids decided to try out the shape-building cards.

Dive into Shapes a fun maths set which allows the children to build 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional shapes

My daughter seemed to really enjoy the combining shape cards.

Dive into Shapes. One of the Combining shapes building cards that comes with the set

And my son really enjoyed the diving shapes into equal parts challenges.  He has been doing quite a few activities on halves and quarters lately so being able to use the pieces to divide shapes into halves and quarters was perfect for him.  And I loved that when he took a card showing dividing a circle into half he naturally tried to take it further and divide it into quarters (there is actually a card for splitting the circle into quarters but he had not seen that yet).

Dive into shapes set from Learning Resources come with some equal parts cards which reinforce basic fractions

We really have loved playing with this set and I can see both kids using it a LOT more.  I love all the creations that they have coming up with – crowns, goals for football, railway tracks, planets and so much more.

Dive into Shapes building their own creations like a crown

Dive into Shapes creating railway lines

I love that they are exploring shapes in such a fun, relaxed manner.  They are having fun while learning about shapes – how many sides different shapes have, angles in a shape, how 3 dimensional shapes can be built up from 2 dimensional shapes, basic fractions and so much more.  They are learning without even realizing it.  Learning by playing and being creative.

We LOVE this set.

You can get this set directly from Learning Resources or you can add it to your amazon basket Learning Resources Dive into Shapes! A “Sea” and Build Geometry Set

Dive into Shapes by Learning Resources. A fun, hands on maths set for children which encourages them to explore shapes

I was sent this set by Learning Resources in exchange for me completing a questionnaire and sharing my thoughts on it.  All opinions expressed are mine





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